OKX referral code 2023 (fee discount code)

OKX referral code

Enter the referral code 7051831 when signing up for OKX Exchange to enjoy various membership benefits!

What is OKX referral code?

OKX referral ID refers to an identifier in the referral system used in a specific service or platform called OKX. This is typically a unique ID used by existing users to invite new users to their service.

Here’s why signing up with a referral code is better than not applying one:

  1. Benefit Offer: If you sign up using a referral code, you may receive a special benefit for both the inviter and the invitee. This can usually come in the form of discounts, reward points, free services, or other benefits. This can entice new users to become more interested and sign up for your service.
  2. Promotion and Marketing: The referral system is one of the ways existing users naturally attract new users, and through this, the promotion and marketing effect of the service can be increased. Existing users are more likely to share on their social networks or with their friends.
  3. Community Expansion: The referral system can further expand the community of users. As existing users invite new users, the community within the service grows, which further strengthens the ecosystem of the service.
  4. Low-cost customer acquisition: The referral system leverages existing users to attract new users, so it can attract customers at a relatively low cost compared to general advertising or marketing.

Using a referral code has benefits for both service providers and users, and helps promote interaction and bonding between service users. However, it is not ethically appropriate to use the referral system in a fraudulent way, such as misusing the system, and generally such cheating may be sanctioned by the service provider.


The various ways to receive fee discounts on OKX Exchange are as follows:

The various ways to receive fee discounts on OKX Exchange are as follows:

  1. Referral Program: OKX Exchange may operate a referral program. When an existing user invites a new user to join the exchange, a fee discount can be provided to both the invited user and the invited user.
  2. Token holding discounts: Some exchanges offer fee discounts to users who hold certain tokens. For example, users who hold OKB tokens on the OKX exchange can receive discounts on trading fees.
  3. Volume-based discounts: Some exchanges apply fee discounts based on your trading volume. When a certain trading volume is achieved, the trading fee may be reduced or some trading fee may be refunded.
  4. Discounts based on holding tokens: Some exchanges offer certain VIP member benefits: Exchanges that operate a VIP tier system, such as OKX Exchange, may offer additional fee discounts and other special benefits to users with higher tiers. Provides fee discounts to users who hold tokens. For this purpose, the VIP level is determined based on trading volume, holdings, etc.
  5. Participation in promotions and events: Exchanges can periodically hold promotions and events to provide fee discounts to participating users. During the event, we may offer discounted fees or free trading opportunities on certain trading pairs.
  6. Market Maker Programs: Some exchanges have Market Maker programs, offering fee discounts to users who provide liquidity. Market makers contribute to increasing the liquidity of the market by submitting orders, and are rewarded with commission discounts.

As each exchange may have different policies regarding fee discounts, it is important for users to check the exchange’s official website or e-mail newsletter for detailed information. In addition, in order to receive a fee discount, you must meet the conditions set by the exchange, so it is important to familiarize yourself with the conditions and use them.


OKX Exchange Features

OKX is one of the world famous cryptocurrency exchanges, based in Hong Kong founded in 2017. OKX is one of the world famous cryptocurrency exchanges, based in Hong Kong founded in 2017.

OKX Exchange features and reasons to prefer:

  1. Various cryptocurrencies: OKX supports various types of cryptocurrencies. A variety of tokens can be traded, from major cryptocurrencies to new projects, providing users with a variety of investment opportunities.
  2. High liquidity: OKX has world-class liquidity, which means that trading orders are processed quickly and have a high trading volume. This helps users to conduct transactions without slippage.
  3. Stability and Security: OKX has a stable trading environment and a strong security system. It protects users’ assets and keeps them safe from threats such as hacking.
  4. Variety of trading tools: OKX offers a variety of trading tools and charts for all users, from pro traders to beginners. Utilize advanced order types and technical analysis tools to help users trade.
  5. Leverage and futures trading: OKX supports leveraged and futures trading, allowing users to take advantage of rising and falling cryptocurrency prices to take advantage of them.
  6. COMMUNITY AND EDUCATION: OKX provides users with educational resources and community to increase understanding of cryptocurrencies and encourage knowledge sharing and communication among users.
  7. Global service: OKX provides services to global users and provides support in various languages ​​and regions.

For these reasons, many people prefer to use the OKX exchange. Stability and variety of trading pairs, high liquidity, security and user-friendly interface are some of the reasons many traders choose OKX. However, it is important for users to choose the exchange that is most suitable for them, as which exchange to choose may depend on the user’s investment goals and preferences.


Join OKX Exchange

The order of joining the OKX exchange is as follows. We will also walk you through the process of signing up using a referral code:

  1. Accessing the exchange website: First, access the official website of the OKX exchange through a browser.
  2. Click Sign Up: When you access the website, you will see a sign up button like “Sign Up” or “Register” in the upper right corner. Click the button to go to the membership registration page.
  3. Enter required information: Enter the required information requested on the membership registration page. This information usually includes email address, password, country/region, etc. The information you enter will be used later to recover your account, so be sure to enter it correctly.
  4. Enter referral code: On the signup page, there will be a field to enter your referral code. Enter your referral code here. If there is no referral code, you can skip it.
  5. Agree to Terms of Use: Before completing membership registration, you must agree to OKX Exchange’s Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. After reading and agreeing to this, click the “Sign Up” or “Sign Up” button.
  6. E-mail verification: When membership registration is complete, a verification e-mail is sent to the e-mail address you registered with OKX. Check your email and follow the instructions to complete email verification.
  7. Enter additional information: After signing up, you may be asked to enter additional information for added security. For example, you can set up two-factor authentication (2FA) or register security questions. We recommend setting up these extra security steps.
  8. Funds Security: Once you have signed up, you can deposit funds into your account or start trading. At this point, we recommend setting up a password for your funds or enabling two-factor authentication (2FA) for additional security.

If you sign up for OKX Exchange in the order above and insert the referral code to complete the signup process, you will be able to use the exchange’s services.


OKX Exchange Fee

The OKX exchange spot transaction fee is as follows.

FUTURES transaction fee is as below.

The OPTIONS fee is as follows.

OKX Exchange supports a variety of trading types, providing users with a variety of investment and trading opportunities. The main transaction types are:

  1. Spot trading: Spot trading is the most basic cryptocurrency trading method, in which instant purchases and sales are made according to the current market price. You can deposit the cryptocurrency you own to the exchange and exchange it for other cryptocurrencies or conduct transactions.
  2. Futures Trading: OKX Exchange supports futures trading. Futures trading refers to future trading based on price fluctuations of cryptocurrencies. In other words, it is a method of contracting in advance to trade a cryptocurrency at a specific price on a specific date in the future.
  3. Perpetual Swap Trade: A Perpetual Swap is a long-term contract similar to a futures trade, but without an expiry date. This allows you to use leverage to profit from rising and falling cryptocurrency prices.

Fee information may vary by trade type and may change with market fluctuations. In general, fees vary depending on the type of transaction, the user’s trading volume, and their VIP status. This information can be found on the exchange’s official website, and you can find more information on the respective exchange’s fees page. On the exchange’s fee page, you can find information about the fee rate and discounts that apply to each type of trade. Therefore, it is important to check the information about fees in advance before starting a transaction.

The information in this post may contain errors. For this reason, we recommend that you go directly to their site for more information. We also want to let you know that the links in this post contain referral codes, which may provide some revenue to the author of the post.